Elsie Elsie Elsie Elsie
History of
The College of Cook Book Knowledge

 Virtually unknown today, the College of Cook Book Knowledge provided a unique education for 50 years (1898-1948).

 Cooking and the study of cook books were elevated to a prominent place within a traditional curriculum of arts and sciences.

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 Esmeralda J. Hincklebottom (pictured), or Elsie, as everyone called her, was dean from 1928 to 1936.

"...Elsie had a very good sense of humor, and yet, she always appeared strict and serious. As a result, her humor sometimes seemed so out of character that one did not always recognize it, or if recognized, it struck one like a secret unveiled, rather than a quip or joke."

(All About Elsie, from Calendar of Memories, 1942)